Over the years we have helped many people from various different backgrounds with individually different financial goals and challenges. The biggest testament to our success is that our clients are happy to recommend our services to their family and friends.

Here are just a few testimonials from the hundreds of happy clients we have.

“George has been a great help me in providing professional advice over the last few years which has delivered a very good return on investment despite the difficult economic times. I first went to see George to sort out my underperforming pension, but found his holistic approach to investment and long term financial planning very beneficial. What I like most is his relaxed and non pushy approach. He even stuck by me through difficult times such as redundancy. I’ve found George to be a great ally in my corner and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is serious about securing a financial future for themselves and their family.”

Hugh D.

“I was introduced to George in 2008 by a professional contact and he came to see me at my home one evening. I was impressed by George’s knowledge covering a wide range of needs and honesty in explaining that he does not do mortgages because he doesn’t feel he can deliver a quality service. At this point I had not done any business with George and was not put under any pressure though various needs had been identified.

Subsequently I have done several transactions through George and have been impressed by the attention to detail, outlining the agreed course of action and explanations to support the decisions taken with clear disclosures concerning fees. Indeed I believe that other solutions could have been suggested by George that would have generated higher fees possibly at the expense of long term performance.

Before meeting George I had a slightly jaundiced with of IFA’s since my previous advisors had always been trying to sell me something and I felt that they put their interests above mine and the reverse has been true with George so far. I can recommend George and his colleagues with confidence and I’m grateful that I was introduced to him in 2008.”

Phil L. (Chartered Accountant)

“George has been my financial advisor for over 25 years and has helped me with multiple financial transactions and advice. I know he is always aware of the current financial trends be it pensions, ISA’s, mortgages and this allows him to offer sound and reasoned advice, even when it sometimes is not what you want to hear. He is an example to all people who work in this industry and frankly is the best client manager I have ever met.”

Neil G.

“George Rogai has been advising us for several years. He is easy to contact and responds quickly. He keeps up to date and maintains good professional contacts. George Rogai meets us regularly. His research has been thoroughly done and office back-up is good. He brings information that is fully illustrated with charts, graphs etc., and easy to understand. A clear explanation is provided of possible courses of action, then advice is given without any pressure.”

Kate C.

“We like the fact that George puts our interests first. Service means spending time to find the right product at the right price and George has done that for us many times in over 25 years. If we aren’t sure about taking out a policy then there’s no pressure, because George wants satisfied clients and so we see him as a friend not just a Financial Adviser.”

P & J H.

“I have been absolutely pleased with the high standard and quality of service offered to me by George over the past 15 years. His professional and caring approach, coupled with a great sense of humour, has been both beneficial and appreciated.”

Ed S.

NB: All testimonials are genuine. Names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy,
but originals are available to view in our office.

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