Personal Protection

Personal Protection


Ensuring that you, your family and your beneficiaries are ‘provided for’ when the unfortunate happens can be a confusing process.

Having the right cover, at the right level, for the right time for your need area requires a detailed advice process.



Life Policies

These can be based on a set number of years to cover a limited liability such as a mortgage or a dependent family or they can cover for whole of life.

Critical Illness

Where the product provider pays out the sum assured on the diagnosis of a range of specified illnesses or conditions.

Income Protection

The replacement of a client’s income in the event of long-term sickness or incapacity.

With the government ‘tightening up’ on statutory benefits before paying out, this is a crucial building block of financial planning.

Private Medical Insurance

For those clients who wish to have access to private hospitals, specialists and who want to choose their own dates for consultations and procedures.

Accident, Sickness, Disability Benefits

A wide range of products is available.

Their benefits and limitations need to be clearly understood so professional advice is often seen as essential.